Febe scarf


The Febe Scarf is an uncompromising scarf dyed in a dynamic and eclectic purple. The Mythos collection brings back the allure of iridescent silk in a contemporary and unisex guise.

Inspired by the gods and nymphs of classical mythology, the collection consists of seven single-ply scarves. Warm, soft colours are mixed in new dyes that enhance the properties of silk.

Housed in an elegant black box, this limited edition is the perfect compromise between elegance and originality.

Handcrafted in Italy according to the ancient silk-making traditions of Lake Como, it is made in a limited edition only a few times a year.

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Febe My Scarf in a Box™ scarf


Sincere, Straightforward, Generous

Phoebe was the daughter of heaven and earth, Uranus and Gaea. Linked to the twilight and at night, it is said to have been came into possession of a magical golden crown, which was later donated to Apollo. for his birthday. Sincere and straightforward, famous for its sincerity, it is attributed to the foundation of the oracle at Delphi.

10 in stock

WHAT IS A SCARF MY SCARF IN A BOX? It is a designer scarf made in Italy, using innovative dyeing techniques and materials.
It is the perfect gift for important occasions. By using prestige packaging, we wanted to make the experience of giving and receiving a gift something inimitable.

- WHY IS EVERY SCARF UNIQUE? Each scarf is made entirely in Italy with great attention to detail by artisan workshops using traditional methods. Due to the type of workmanship, only a hundred or so scarves can be produced per month and are distributed worldwide.

- WHAT IS TOMBOLOTTO? The box is the characteristic container for each of our scarves. It has a unique and inimitable design that distinguishes My Scarf in a Box™ from any other scarf in the world.
Our scarves are only and exclusively sold with their own liner. The box is used to hold our scarves and protect them during transport. It can also be used as a valuable jewellery box.

- WHY IS OWNING ONE OF OUR SCARVES SPECIAL?  Making one of our scarves requires very long and complex craft processes: it starts with the traditional printing of the design, followed by dye baths lasting many hours, and then they are taken to a master craftsman in Como, the land of silk, to be made. The double chiffon is sewn by hand, joining the two sides of the scarf with a very complex stitching process that takes almost an hour of work per scarf.

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175 X 65 cm


Silk 100%


Mono Chiffon

Stitching type:

Machine edge