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Dreamscapes: Discovering the Sacro Monte of Varese

The Sacro Monte of Varese is part of the group of nine Pre-Alpine Sacred Mountains in Piedmont and Lombardy included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003.

As we familiarise ourselves with the good intentions made in the aftermath of the return of the summer holidays, and take back the reins of our lives in the city, we find that we still have a great desire to get out and enjoy all that the change of season has to offer.

Sunset over the Sacro Monte of Varese

It is precisely to this time of year, so strange, poetic and full of change, that we have decided to dedicate a new XL size collection of ten soft silk and modal chiffon scarves in exclusive iridescent colours, to take us on a new journey through memories, scents and impressions of the most beautiful Italian locations.


The Campo dei Fiori Nature Park

is undoubtedly the most picturesque corner of the Province of Varese

Immersed in the greenery of the Campo dei Fiori Natural Park, the Sacro Monte di Varese is one of the nine Pre-Alpine Sacred Mountains and consists of a group of 14 chapels, masterpieces of 17th-century Milanese sacred art, which line a cobblestone path.

"It seems that Italians cannot look at a high place without wanting to put something on top of it, and few times have they done so more happily than at the Sacro Monte of Varese".

Samuel Butler
A few moments from backstage at the Dreamscapes photo shoot

It was the photographer, Michele Riva, who has been at home there for some years, who proposed the village of Santa Maria del Monte as the location for the shooting of our new collection.

This idea was the key that opened many doors to the most beautiful views of the Varese landscape, on an extraordinarily clear and sunny day in early October.

Here are some of the most beautiful sets:

Al Borducan

At Borducan hotel and restaurant, renowned for its orange liqueur of the same name (in the background)

hotel and restaurant, renowned for its orange liqueur of the same name

The Baroffio Museum

On the Montorfano Terrace

in the Monastery Square

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