Trip to Venice

Venice rises from a marshy lagoon, on an archipelago of 118 small islands, and has no roads, only canals. There are no cars, only boats.

The Gran Canal winds its way through the city, mirroring the colourfully plastered houses and marble palaces, the pride of Venetian architecture. The lagoon and the historic city centre are recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Also known as 'La Serenissima' or 'The Floating City' and famous for its atmospheric carnival, Venice has never been afraid to attempt the impossible. Like the mermaids, the soul of Venice is half woman, half fish, and is shrouded in an aura of mystery that can make marble palaces and labyrinthine streets vanish into silent mists and green water, drawing you into a Baroque fairytale.

The historical centre

divided into six areas, called sestrieri: Cannaregio, San Polo, Dorsoduro, Santa Croce, San Marco and Castello

Venice is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, and has also been the location for numerous films, video games, works of art and literature, video clips and television shows.

Although some consider it a classic 'tourist trap', it is undeniable that this city is an incredible floating, open-air museum.

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