seductive look

Your gaze: the perfect weapon... of seduction!

Have you ever thought that you could capture the attention of 'that person' with a simple glance?
With a shy movement of the eye, almost hiding, or why not, with a careful and detailed analysis of the subject in question? Surely yes... and it must have happened during the day on the city streets or on a summer Friday night in that trendy club.
After all, our gaze has always been the best weapon of seduction. And for a woman, highlighting it is even easier.

image of a woman with a seductive look

That's right, we said "easy". Because, contrary to popular belief, all you need to enhance our eyes and make them seductive is a few ingredients: a pencila bit of magic coloured powder and a beautiful mascara wow' effect. So, armed with a computer, video tutorials and our fantastic tricks, we could try to reproduce the perfect 'wow' effect. smokey-eye by Chiara Ferragnior shades of nude eyeshadows used on the catwalk of Versace during Milan Fashion Week, or even that elegant line of eye liner chosen by Moschino.

How best to enhance yourself? Start with your eyes

Now more than ever we find ourselves at a time when it is no longer our lips that are speaking, covered by these unusual masksbut rather our eyes. We will have to learn to communicate our emotions and feelings with our gaze, and it will therefore be important to highlight our eyes, whether they are brown, blue, green or grey.
And, of course, we will learn to seduce with the gaze and no longer with words.

It is a well-known fact that in order to achieve the perfect seductive look, you need to use the palette that best suits your eye colour. Are you a girl who likes to experiment with new make-up by learning from the many videos on the web?
Then you will certainly know Manuel Mamelithe make-up artist of the beautiful and enterprising Chiara Ferragni, who taught us during her master class last February how to enhance our blue eyes with chocolate make-up.

The fashion blogger enchants her followers with her seductive and penetrating look, coloured with bronze, gold and orange eye shadows.
The perfect make-up should always consist of the right combination of pencils, eye shadows and shades, all enhanced by the right mascara.
But beware of don't forget your eyebrows. They should always be defined with a brown pencil and lightening the stroke with a wide shade is definitely the best choice.

Do you like to be noticed? Colour yourself in style!

And if the perfect smokey-eye isn't enough to make your look seductive, you can always choose to complete your look with an elegant and refined accessory such as a scarf.

Today lightweight scarves, which can also be worn in summerThey are the key to lightening the somewhat intrusive presence of the mask, which is always better to wear, but not to the detriment of the look.

The scarf thus becomes that extra trick to conceal the commonplace 'surgical' that just doesn't want to go with the colour of your face or outfit and yet, for the good of all, should be scrupulously worn.

gaze with surgical mask

So you want to further enhance your look?
The iridescent tones of the model "Febe" of the Italian brand at 100% My Scarf in a Box (support Italian companies!) are the right choice to bring out the intensity of your pupil, playing on the voluptuous depths of silk declined in the sensual shade of purple.
And to complete your outfit, why not wear a white dress? Surely with your tanned skin and soft scarf you will not go unnoticed... almost like an oasis in the desert!

Like a summer breeze, the Mythos Spring Summer collection, which the scarf Febe of the photo belongs, brings back the fascination of iridescent silk.
Inspired by the gods and nymphs of classical mythology, the collection is made up of seven one-ply scarves.
Warm, soft colours mix in new dyes that enhance the properties of silk

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