Italian Wineyard, the scarf for true connoisseurs

'Wine prepares hearts
and makes them more ready
to passion.'


It is always a challenge for me to think of a new scarf collection. Each time I try to find an emotional connection between colours and shades and a good story to tell, one that speaks of us, of the beautiful things in our country and that, in a somewhat dreamy way, brings back a beautiful memory, a scent, a place.

So it was for the first series of scarves that went to make up the first Kaleidos collection. The idea was to take you on a grand tour of the beauties of Italy, to all those places that I have known and experienced at different periods of my life, both with adult and childish eyes, and of which I retain some sweet memory.

This time it was different. I had no idea what was going to come out until it was in front of my eyes.

As you may already know, our scarves are created according to a very long and complex handicraft process. It goes from screen-printing to a series of very long and difficult to replicate dyeings, and sometimes the colours you get are completely unexpected. And so it happened.

Four new colours in search of a story to tell. A story that necessarily had to speak of Italy and of our ongoing quest, both personal and as a brand, for that excellence that 'made in Italy' must represent in the eyes of the world. A combination of tradition, craftsmanship, stories linked to the territory and united by that unmistakable all-Italian elegance and taste.

And so Italian Wineyard, 'La Vigna Italiana', was born.

Italian Wineyard is not a real collection, it is a treat for true connoisseurs and admirers of our My Scarf in a Box. Precisely because of the unexpected and random nature of the colours and shades in the dyeing, it is a limited edition that can never be replicated.

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