Rome is good for the soul

Which will not be a simple autumn we have known for some time. That we could make it lighter is a certainty that lifts the mood, the spirit, that makes us look ahead with hope and serenity. Our greatest wish? To make everything, if possible, lighter and less complicated. Life, our daily lives, even the things we choose to wear need to be more easygoing than ever, make us feel good without too much effort. And be beautiful, of course, but above all have a soulthe ability to leave us with something, to give us an emotion.

In search of an emotion

Have you noticed this? Haven't you also discovered that you are more attracted to comfortable clothing and accessoriesthat embrace us, that have warm colours and are full of energy? Today we want you to feel so many beautiful emotions. We would like you to be able to take flight in a sky full of wonderful shades, in the twilight. We would like you to be able to abandon, even if only for a short time, every burden and vibrate high above it all. We would like you to be able to read in our eyes and in our hearts our closeness to each one of you. For this reason, we take you with us on a journey towards Romeour extraordinary capital, the first city we have chosen to tell you, through this Blog, about the beautiful things our country organises even in such difficult and strange times, without giving up.

Rome, as you know, is a swarming with events of all kinds. Among the hundreds of exhibitions, events and meetings organised in the Eternal City during the month of October, we have decided to tell you about what is happening at the Maxxi because it is what most closely matches the depth and emotion to which we aspire at this time. In this 2020, which also marked the first ten years of the Museum, the Maxxi hosts an exhibition bringing together the extraordinary portraits of the soul by photographer Giovanni Gastel(until 24 November). What will happen once we cross the threshold? We will lose ourselves, eye to eye, in the intense portraits of the exhibition People I like, curated by Uberto Frigerio with set-up of the Studio Lissoni.

Sharing beauty

We will be faced with over 200 portraitsan incredible labyrinth of faces, poses, looks, wrinkles, disturbances, dreams of characters from the worlds of culture, design, art, fashion, music, entertainment and politics that they have met in the course of a forty-year career and collected in this striking exhibition. The great thing is that each face, each gaze, each dream could very well be that of any of us because these characters are not portrayed in sumptuous places or in regal poses. The value of a dress or a glimpse of them is not captured. The essence of each is captured precisely because the master photographer reveals himself in his most intimate authenticity and consecrates the 'portrait' as an artistic work of excellence.

Walking through the rooms of this exhibition, we will be surprised to wander through an enveloping gallery of black and white, large format portraits and pause to wonder what they were thinking at the time, Barak Obama o Vasco Rossi, the reason for the expression of Marco Pannella o Ettore Sottsassthe special light that makes the eyes of the Bebe Vio and of Roberto Bolle. And so on, investigating souls and sharing beauty, nothing better to dedicate ourselves to our own soul and warm our hearts. Come to think of it, these are the same goals we have set ourselves for you: trying to make you feel good by focusing not only on the beauty of what we produce with you in mind, but also on its soul, on what it contains.

The essential is invisible to the eye. But there is

Take, for example, our scarf Terrace of Rome. To understand how important its merits are, let it envelop you. Do you already feel its warmth? Do you feel its lightness? Do you feel its energy? We strongly sought and wanted each creation to be a masterpiece of craftsmanship, knowledge and passion. Just as every glance captured by Gastel conceals a universe of emotions, so also behind each of our limited-edition creations lie forgotten processes.

We talk about handmade seams, dyes and techniques of screen printing that have been handed down for centuries by the master dyers of ComoThese are capable of giving each colour an inimitable iridescence, shades (in this case shades of flaming orange and purplish bronze that reminiscent of Roman sunsets) and ever-changing shadows, which only an eye trained in beauty and excellence can capture. And last but not least, the unparalleled lightness of the two-ply silk and modal printed all over with floral motifs. Pluses that, all together, create a masterpiece of beautiful emotions that we so badly need these days.