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In search of harmony (and detail!)

Have you ever stopped to look at that painting that has been hanging in your room for many years, perhaps given to you by a relative on a birthday? And those colourful souvenirs that you brought home from an exotic trip and then put on that piece of furniture in your living room? Maybe not. Or at least not with the attention that all the details of your home deserve. 

Yes, because it is precisely the details that make our 'nest' harmonious and personalised. So why not give them more attention? A nice modern art painting or a colourful vintage knick-knack can already be original ideas that will help to make the environment more harmonious, without exaggerating. 

coloured ornament

Do you want to make your home more harmonious, but don't know where to start? Don't overdo it: details make all the difference

Take, for example, the ornaments. Have you ever thought that an ornament, perhaps coloured and with a particular shape, could change the appearance of a corner of your home? No need to exaggerateA decoration of this kind can be enough to immediately create a harmonious atmosphere that will certainly also have a positive effect on your mood. 

When choosing, of course, always consider the style (and colours) of your home: if you love vintage and neutral tones, an ultra-coloured and modern ornament is probably not for you. Opt, then, for something more classic in line with your tastes. This does not exclude the possibility of creating contrasts which, if well studied, can give a certain character to the environment. 

Sottsass stained glass
Installation of Ettore Sottsass a The Glass RoomsVenice 2017

Looking for ideas? Let yourself be inspired by the Ettore Sottsass. The designer has created glass decorations in the most varied shapes and colours. These design objects, so colourful and with unique shapes, are certainly perfect if you love contemporary and abstract art, and not only: if you prefer a more "minimal" style, a decoration of this type could be a good idea to create a contrast that is impactful, without exaggerating. 

Love contrasts? Focus on details (and accessories!) 

It's a bit like that with our outfits too: think of the difference a detail, such as a scarf, can make. The soft green of the Gardens of Bellagio in chiffon of My Scarf in a BoxCombined with a neutral, soft-coloured outfit, it can be a nice idea to "break away" and, why not, create a slight contrast that gives a colourful and harmonious touch, without falling into excess. 

my scarf in a box
The scarf Gardens of Bellagio The two-ply silk and modal all-over printed floral scarf from My Scarf in a Box is ideal for adding a touch of originality and colour to your outfits. Its special feature is the soft green and straw-coloured tones that recall the tones of lush gardens by the lake.

And it is true that a scarf is usually wornBut the colourful and bright proposals of My Scarf in a Box are so beautiful when you roll them up in their luxurious packaging that they can be displayed in the entrance to your home, just like an ornament... but an ornament ready to run away with you into the life that awaits you out there!

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