light-coloured hair

Fancy a change? Start with your hair!

Summer is approaching and, with it, so is our desire for change. So why not start with your hair? We all know that when a woman changes her hairstyle or colour, it's always a sign of change. A change which can be more or less drastic in the life of each of us and which pushes us to make choices which are equally more or less drastic.

Totally changing our natural colour from chocolate to platinum blonde may already be a good idea. But if you don't want to go overboard, you could simply opt for highlights, which would instantly make your hair lighter with a touch of shine that never hurts.

How to brighten up the face?

Certainly, the warm weather and the end of this "dark" period make us want bright, bright, sometimes even whimsical colours. Why not opt for a light colour? Light-coloured hair certainly adds light to the face, making it look brighter.
However, it's important to remember that certain colours don't suit everyone: you need to take into account various factors that characterise you, such as your complexion, before making a choice of this type. A warmer complexion, for example, is unlikely to go with very light hair.

Jennifer Lopez at the 2020 Super Bowl bright with an amber complexion and light hair: an exception?

Of course, this is not a fixed and universally valid rule. The singer Jennifer Lopez is a clear example of an exception that does not confirm the rule. Her hair is very light compared to her complexion; however, this contrast is very flattering for the singer. So if you like to be daring and want to see yourself as "different", you could opt for a "JLo" look.

Are you blonde and want to be daring? Choose the accessory that suits you

And if your desire for colour (and daring) doesn't run out easily, you could complete your look with a special scarf, perhaps handmade and (the operative word here) colourful. In this regard, take a look at the offer from My Scarf in a Box; you're sure to find the inspiration you're looking for in this riot of colours and scarves, including some in chiffon, ideal for your elegant summer evenings.

Flaming orange and deep green tones echo the warm, sunny colours of prickly pears and the Sicilian countryside: perfect to match an amber complexion and light hair. The two-ply scarf in silk and modal "Fruits of Agrigento'. The all-over floral print of My Scarf in a Box is an ode to summer.

Are you blonde? Don't be afraid and be daring with your look and colour combinations! Warm, sunny tones will also suit your complexion when, thanks to the sun, it becomes more amber-coloured, just like Jennifer Lopez's. But then again, in a year like 2020, we all want a change, don't we? Start with your hair (preferably lighter, of course) for a brighter, more colourful look that will, in some way, brighten our future too.

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